Friday, May 25, 2012

For the Husband

My third year anniversary is coming up, and I know my beloved husband would love to have some boudois photos of me. Nothing skanky; just something classy yet sexy. However, I'm in my early forties, and I don't feel sexy. I'm fluffy in areas I never used to be fluffy. My stomach's still flat, but the girth has significantly increased, and my butt is huge. So I do what anyone in this predicament would do-- I dieted and excersised. There was some improvement, but I realized that I'm no longer at an age when I can think, "I want to be skinny today", and poof! I'm skinny! Along the way, I heard about drinking massive amounts of water to curb appetite, and I also heard about a shaper made by Spanx. So, between the shaper, drinking so much water I didn't have enough room for food, and alternating between going to the gym and walking in the park, I lost six pounds and had trimmed down nicely.

Great, right?

Wearing the spanx all the time caused a certain area not to breathe. I come down with a major infection six days before my appointment with the photographer. Antibiotics was able to kick it out in a few days, but I felt too miserable to move for the first two days. Then I spent two days at a writer's conference. You think I'm going to be uncomfortable sweating in a binder, running to the bathroom every fifteen minutes and deprive myself of gooey, chocolate chip cookies during a conference I look forward to every year? I don't think so. So guess how much weight I gained back? Not quite all of it-- five pounds, and I'm fluffy again because I hadn't felt like working out. I put the binder back on, after I cut out the crotch, but how much good will it do to only wear it the day before the photo shoot?

It was time to use my forty-year old brain and stop wishing I had the body of a twenty-year old just to satisfy my older, desk-job-bodied husband who worships my body anyway. So I did the most sensible thing I could think of:

"Honey, what is the absolute sexiest thing you would like to see me in?"

Was that so hard? He knows what he likes, and he gave me the perfect answer-- one of his dress shirts because it exposes my best asset, my legs.


Not only that, the photographer at Malek Foto knew how to pose me for some very tasteful, yet sexy pictures that my wonderful husband will certainly enjoy, and I can still have chocolate chip cookies without drinking enough water to drown an elephant.

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