Thursday, April 11, 2013


Literary agent Ethan Vaughan is hosting a query contest for his client Roger White. Below is the query I've written based on the plot points of Mr. White's novel:

In the summer of 1967, thirteen year-old Gary Tolliver trains for the top spot on the track team, hoping to beat out the new kid, Andy “one armed” Reyes. Now the teens are in a higher stakes race when a local tow truck driver is found murdered, his mouth sewn shut and his brain removed.

Horrified yet morbidly curious, the boys start snooping into the small Texas town’s history and find that similar murders, in which each victim had his mouth sewn shut and a body part removed, have occurred in spurts since at least the 1920s. After a false start into the investigation, a local teen is murdered and castrated. Gary and his friends must use their fledgling detective skills to hurdle over the increasing body count and stop the murders before another victim is silenced forever.
WEST OF SIENNA is a horror novel set in West Sienna, Texas.