Friday, April 13, 2012

My Query Letter

Allie Baxter is a survivor. True, she represses memories of her parents’ murder and she’s a recovering sex addict, but at least she’s functional and doesn’t require weekly counseling, unlike her therapy-addicted sister.

The pitted burn scars on Allie’s stomach serve as a daily reminder of the tragedy that took her parents’ lives. But all that matters now is to raise her adopted teenage daughter and to maintain her decent life as a single mother. Everything changes the day she learns her sister is housing a sexual predator— her sister’s childhood abuser. She seeks to numb her devastation with her former drug of choice after eight years of celibacy, but instead meets Steven, a thirty-something college student who talks about philosophy and literature. Allie feels safe with Steven and thinks she could love him, but he hides a secret of his own.

The nightmares of her childhood resurface when her daughter is injured and her sister insists on bringing up the past. Steven convinces her to visit the house where it started, but someone who doesn’t want her to remember attempts to destroy her sanity.

HOUSE OF THISTLES is women’s fiction, a 75,000-word story of a woman’s attempt to redeem herself from the sins visited upon her.

Thank you for your consideration, and I look forward to hearing from you.