Monday, December 26, 2011

I'm Still Here

I'm starting to think I'm the worst blogger in history. I get ideas and think, "Wow! I should write that on my blog." But do I? I'm writing a Women's Fiction piece and am busy critiquing others' works, but I rarely take time to do something that is almost as important to my future novelest career as writing itself and that is social networking.

The reason I mention this now is I saw a blog from Kristen Lamb and remembered I had this thing. The post I linked to was more about 5 common and critical mistakes we make as writers, which is another very good reminder.

Back to the whole social networking thing, Ms. Lamb has written a book called WE ARE NOT ALONE, and it's a writers' guide to social media. Since I'm pretty inept in social situations, I will definately get this and start applying the tools that she teaches in the book.